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à partir de 470€ H.T hors promotion en cours

All NUC14

What's new

à partir de 470€ H.T hors promotion en cours

All NUC14

Fully customizable

Our components are:

  • DDR4 3200 MHz Crucial (NUC11,12,13)
  • DDR5 5600 MHz Crucial (NUC14)
  • up to 4TB NVMe SSD gen4 Crucial P3 plus 5000MB/s read 4200MB/s write
  • 8TB SSD NVMe gen 4 Corsair MP600 Pro NH 7000MB/s read 6100 MB/s write

Do you want specific components?

Do not hesitate to tell us and we will install them for you!

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NUC 12

Available until July 2024*

Discover the NUC 12 range, designed to offer exceptional versatility and performance. Ideal for office, multimedia and leisure, our NUC 12 combines computing power, energy efficiency and compact design. With a range of configuration options, the NUC 12 adapts perfectly to your specific needs.

*EOL except for the NUC12SNKI7


No compromise between small and powerful

Gaming NUCs

It used to be that going compact meant compromising on performance, but not anymore! Our mini gaming PCs today deliver an immersive and powerful gaming experience that defies all your expectations.

Transform the way you play with our mini gaming PCs - the future of gaming is here!

Our Gaming Range

Computing Power at the Service of Your Business

Business NUCs

Experience limitless power with high-performance Intel® NUC building blocks, designed specifically to power your business. Whether for graphics-intensive workstations, video conferencing platforms, or collaboration solutions, Intel® NUC delivers unparalleled power to boost your productivity.

But that's not all. Intel® NUC pushes the boundaries by effectively integrating embedded technologies into factories, transforming your workspace into an ultra-efficient production environment.

Our pro NUCs
  • Small but mighty

    Don't be fooled by its size!

    The Intel® NUC is a powerhouse, capable of handling the most demanding tasks, from games to professional applications, while maintaining a compact format!

  • Versatile

    Whether you're a gamer, professional, student, or just looking for a home entertainment system, the Intel® NUC is designed for you. It supports a wide variety of memory and storage products, as well as the Windows 11 pro operating system.

  • prĂ©-commande NUC14RVSU5 - Processeur Ultra 5 125H

    NUC14RVSU5 - Dive into the heart of AI

    Discover the computer